How to cope with writing a classification essay

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What is a classification essay

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To begin with, let us make it clear as for the definition and the purpose of classification paper. So, a classification paper is a piece of writing where you classify things in accordance with their characteristics. In other words, you have to choose the objects of your discussion and divide them into categories matching their specific features. You can classify whatever comes to your mind, people, animals, plants, books, countries, music etc.

As for the purpose of this kind of writing, you need to show the common features between different objects of analysis, which allows them to fall into one category. The whole idea is to examine the objects of your discussion and find something common between them, which is not found or not even noticed by others. So for the sake of your success, you have to choose things that don't have so much in common at first sight.

The idea is not that complicated on the surface, but the most difficult thing here seems to be to find proper objects to examine. Because in fact, this is what the quality of your paper depends on. Take a look at three steps towards making a good classification:

  • Put things into proper categories.
  • Ensure that all the categories are created according to a single principle of categorizing.
  • Provide examples that illustrate every category.

These are the primary steps that will lead you towards good classification. However, this is just a slight glimpse for you to have the idea. Now we will find out how to find categories, deal with the thesis statement and offer you several topics to consider for your writing.

How to write an outstanding classification essay

In order to come up with objects of your discussion, we suggest you doing the following:

  • Write down a list of objects that fall into area of your interest or academic expertise, or that which have something to do with your life experience.
  • Highlight those objects that can't be discussed from a new perspective, cannot be put into categories or to which you have less interest.
  • Pick an object that can be discussed and classified in several different ways.
  • Proceed to creating categories.

While finding fitting object is not the easiest thing, coming up with the categories is actually the hardest. Nevertheless, it is a key element in this deal. You have to be very thorough here and not to miss important categories. However, avoid making them too big. There has to be only one principle of categorizing. For example, if you are putting into categories species living in the ocean, you cannot include there those that live in the forest. This won't be relevant. Every provided category has to be supported appropriately. In order to do it, you may use examples, scientific or other facts, quotes etc. Anything will work, as long as it illustrates categories and helps the reader understand them.

Interesting topic for a classification paper

Now we got to the point where you can step up from the theory to the practical part. We offer you a list of ideas to consider when looking for objects to classify in your paper.

  • Political leaders. This topic is always of a current importance, because everybody is in that or another way interested in politics as an inseparable part of social living. You can categorize political leaders by their manner of making speeches, by the way they manage international relations, interact with public and so on.
  • Your subjects in high school, college or university. This topic is very easy, you only have to make a list of all the subjects you know and find out common things between them. This is something that you know very well, so it doesn't have to be so hard to do.
  • World artists. If you are into art and you are a fan of paintings, sculptures and other works of art, or maybe you like reading and finding out peculiar details about the life of different artists, this topic is perfect for you.
  • Types of students. This topic can be really fun. Students are funny creatures, especially when it comes to exams. And while examining them as an object of your discussion, you may find something new and quite curious about your college friends and yourself in particular.
  • Types of sports fans. Did you notice that different groups of fans act differently during sports matches? This is an interesting thing to discuss, which may reveal unexpected facts about human psychology.
  • Types of places to go for a vacation. Some people prefer spending the whole day on the beach drinking cocktails, while others like climbing in the mountains. Isn't it an interesting topic to discuss? While categorizing, you can come up with idea where to spend your next holidays.
  • The types of readers. Some prefer classic novels, other people give the preference to reading blogs in the Internet, some only read paper books, while others can easily read from the blue screen. Reading fans offer you an endless number of categories.
  • Types of music genres. If you like listening to the music and you can't imagine even going out for shopping without headphones in your ears playing your favorite songs, this is a perfect topic for you. Finally you can just discuss your favorite music and even get high grades for it!
  • Types of professors. There are professors who students simply adore and looking forward for the next class just because they simply enjoy it. At the same time, there are professors that scare their students or make them feel so bored that they can't wait for the class to end and count minutes to make that hell of boredom stop. So what makes professor a good one and a bad one? Try to figure that out.
  • Types of users of social media. This topic may be absolute fun. Did it happen to you that you cross by someone's profile on the Internet and you can't stop laughing because of the content they provide there? At the same time, are there people, whose profiles inspire you and motivate? Share your thoughts about that in your essay.
  • Types of neighbors. There are neighbors, who make our lives completely unbearable because of the constant noise, loud music, screaming and for thousands of other reasons. However, there are also those, who bring us delicious cakes for no reason or can help us in case of need. What other types of neighbors do you know?
  • Types of people who became popular all of a sudden. Some people are popular due to their talents, other die to their criminal background. The reason can be anything. Do you personally want to become famous and if yes, what kind of reason for that would you prefer?
  • Types of restaurants. This is a great topic for those who want to become a cook in the future, a well as for those who just enjoy exploring new food and enjoy delicious meals.
  • Types of lovers. While this topic may sound a little bit controversial, don't hurry up to make wrong assumptions. You can cover a significant issue about various types of romantic relationships people have to deal with because of the obstacles.
  • Types of alcohol. Also sounds controversial? What about different types of national drinks around the world? This is quote an interesting matter to do research on.
  • Types of successful people. This is a great opportunity to figure out what different people do to become successful in their lives and use their experience for achieving your personal goals.
  • Anything that you like. If none of the above provided topics seems interesting to you, think about anything that makes you feel curious and write about it in your classification essay.

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